Digital Services

Digital Services

Keystone Ortho/Dental Digital Services is your digital department. We offer all of the services that the new paradigm demands.

Digital Study Models (DSMs)

We can covert your models or impressions into digital files. Submit a patient script through EasyRx, mail in the models* or impressions**, and the appropriate file will be attached to the patient’s script within one week.

*models should be accompanied by a good wax bite. The better the wax bite, the better the product

**impressions must be taken with plastic trays (non returnable) and a blue bite for best results


Scan and save, as is, no sculpting



Scanned, based, minimum sculpting



Scanned, based, full sculpting


Digital Debonding

We can digital debond your models, removing brackets and wires. Add one day if requesting printed models.

Digital Debonding


3D Printing

Your scans are prepped, printed and mailed back to you (or the lab of your choice) in one business day. We can even add the prescription with the case.

Models are Printed in Resin or Gypsum. Resin models are ideal for clear trays. Gypsum models are ideal for other orthodontic appliances, with all of the same working properties as the plaster models we have working with for a century.

Working Models, Resin


Working Models, Gypsum


As Is, No Prep Work


Display Models


Digital Set-ups

Using our Crystalign Work Flow, we can position teeth to ideal and create printable STL’s for you to print or we can print the models and/or series. Our industry leading report is included with each case, detailing the amount of movement of each tooth, pictures of each stage, and the amount of recommended IPR.





Printed models, resin


Indirect Bonding

An indirect bonding tray with your choice of brackets


More Services Coming Soon!