Printing Services

Printing Services

We are fully integrated into the new technologies. We can receive your prescriptions & scans digitally, manipulate them and print 3D models to fabricate your appliances.

Keystone offers one day turnaround on printed models: any scan we receive by 5:00 EST will be shipped by 5:00 the following day.

As a pass through company, we are the digital department for labs. Practices can send us scans, fill out the script, and choose where to send the printed models. Labs will receive the models just as they always have.

Labs can choose what type of models they prefer:


Models are printed with the ProJet 460, a gypsum based printer. It has the same resolution, or better, than resin models with all of the qualities labs are used to with stone or plaster models. Models are printed at 88 microns, solid.



Models are printed at 100 microns, hollow or solid using the EnvisionTEC Vector or the Juell.

Both types of models have been doctor tested and approved for all ortho applications. Work Models are $20 per arch for resin or $22 per arch for gypsum.

If we print the models as is (the lab or office preps and labels them), the cost is $10 and $12.

Presentation Models are $60 per set.

We can ship through UPS and charge you at the end of each month or you can provide us with pre-paid shipping labels and only be charged for the models.

Accounts must be set up with a credit card. Billed monthly, the credit card will be charged automatically on the 10th of each month.